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OCID CodeProject TitleDate PublishedPackage NumberLot NumberBudget YearJSon
ocds-coabc7-1-000126Construction of Concrete Reatining Walls at Agbere Town for Flood Control26-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000125Construction of Concrete Road from Buo-Ama to Sangana, Brass LGA26-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000124Construction of Media House26-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000013Renovation and Upgrade of Amassoma General Hospital, Southern Ijaw LGA 26-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000012Construction of Female Hostel Block in School of Community Midwiferyy25-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000011Construction of 3-Bedroom Semi Detached Storey Building at the School of Community Midwifery25-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000010Renovation and Upgrade of Azikoro Primary Health Centre25-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000009Renovation and Upgrade of Igbedi Primary Health Centre25-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000008Construction of 3-Bedroom Semi Detached Storey Building at the Community Midwifery25-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000007Construction of Bayelsa State Health Insurance Scheme Office Complex24-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000006Construction of Cottage Hospital, Agbere town, Sagbama24-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000005Construction of Cottage Hospital, Agbere, Sagbama LGA24-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000004Procurement of Operational Vehicles for Bayelsa State Health Insurance Scheme24-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-022900100100-000005Purchase of 2 Units of Vehicles ( Coaster Bus)24-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000003Construction of C;lassroom BlockH for Community24-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-052100100100-000002Construction of Library Building at School of Community MidWifery Sampour24-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-022900100100-000003Purchase of 40 Units of Vehicles19-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-022900100100-000002Purchase of 15 unit Hilux and 4 Unit of Power Bikes19-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-022900100100-000001Purchase of Motor Vehicles (36 Salon Cars)19-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000123Building of community Town Hall , Ludon Town, Silga, Bayelsa State19-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000072installation of class room chairs in ogbia townia town18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000071suply of school uniforms18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000070construction of five class room block at opokuma18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000069supply of text books18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000068construction of seadium at kaiama18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000067consultancy services for 200 bed-star hotel 18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000066construction of stadium at sport complex18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000065construction of new motor park at sampou18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000064completion of abandoned children school quarters at otuoke18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000063Construction of 50 ultra-modern staff quarter for civil servant18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000062Construction of fence for community primary school Opolo18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000061Construction of Meeting Hall at Akassa18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000060dualization of mbiama yenagoa road18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000059Construction of staff quarter for Agudama primary Health C entre18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000058suply of 5 buses in minisrty of education18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000057Construction Of Ultra Mordern Living quaters For Civil Servants18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000056construction of walkway path at nembe18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000055Construction Of Ultra Mordern Living quaters For Civil Servants18-Jun-2022  2020  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000054Dualization of Mbiama-Yenagoa road18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-00005310 classroom buildings in CPS.agudama yenagoa lga18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000052Procurement of Xmas bags of rice and garri for all civil servants18-Jun-2022  2020  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000051supply of laptop to amarata girls secondary school18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000050Renovation of sampson siasia sport complex, yenagoa18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000049Expansion of Glory drive Igbogene18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000048supply of primary schools chairs18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000047Procurement of weapons for the state security18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000046Installation of 20kg solar panel street lights in Yenagoa metropolis18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000045Installation of Bespoke All-In- One Solar Street Light at Toru-Orua Community, Bayelsa State.18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000044Procurement of weapons for the state security18-Jun-2022  2020  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000043Rehabilitation of Bridge at Akenfa 18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000042Repair and Expansion Of Mbiama yenagoa road18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000041Construction of Internal Road, New Yenagoa City18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000040Distribution of facemask to students at community secondary school Agbura 18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000039Costruction Of Hi tech Maximum security prison at Bolou Orua18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000038renovation of school at yenagoa18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000037Consultancy Agge Seaport at Brass LGA18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000036Water suply for GSS. Opokuma in kolga lga18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000035Construction of New Office Buildings at Yenagoa18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000034provision of motor vehicles at government house18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000033provision of motor vehicles at government house18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000032Electrification/Water Reticulation at Amassoma18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000018Spectators: Pavallion (1,000) Capacity Construction Spectators: Pavallion (1,000) Capacity at Igboge18-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-2-000005PROVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES18-Jun-2022  2020  
ocds-coabc7-2-000004PROCUREMENT OF BOATS18-Jun-2022  2019  
ocds-coabc7-2-000003PROVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES18-Jun-2022  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000002PROVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES18-Jun-2022  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000001PROVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES18-Jun-2022  2018  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000015Rehabilitation of Nembe Cottage Hospital staff quarter01-Jun-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-025200100100-000001Repair and reactivation of Okaka Main Water Works01-Jun-2022  2022  
ocds-coabc7-1-000121Renovation of Gabriel Okara Cultural Center29-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000120Road 4 Tombia Round About15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000119Sand filling of Part of Commissioners Quarters Opollo15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000118Maintainance of GRA Phase II and Link Roads15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000117Reconstruction of Collapes Bridge at Imiringi15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000116Stonebase and Asphalting of Specified Section of Road, Tombia Roundabout15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000115Construction of Amasoma/IgbedeI Road (Covid -19 Responsive Activities)15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000114Rehabilitation of Failed Portion Imiringi Road15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000113Rehabilitation of Failed Portion Imgbi Road15-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000112Reconstruction of Sagbama-Ekeremor Road13-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000108Extention of Roof, Refurbishment of VIP Seating Section, Rehabilitation of Water, Convenience, Flood06-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000111Maintainance of failed section Along the Sagbama Road06-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000110Supply & Installation of 100WT All-in-One Solar Light at Various Roundabout in the State and Governm06-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000109Extention of Roof, Refurbishment of VIP Seating Section, Rehabilitation of Water, Convenience, Flood06-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-5-000016Construction of 5 Classroom block at St. Mathais primary school, Olugbobiri04-May-2022  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000013Sub 24 hostel building in medical schools inyenagoa 04-May-2022  2022  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000031Construction Of Ultra Modern Motor Park at Tombia14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000030Renovation of Due Process and e-Gorvernance Building yenagoa14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000029sandfilling of road network at sani abacha estate14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000028Construction of 500,000 capacity sport Stadium in Bolou - Orua Lga14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000027suply of 10 latops in ICT unit in min of Edu14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000026four block class room building at odi town14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000025construction of drain at azikoro yenagoa 14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000024Suppy of Covid-19 relief materials to households in Okaka community14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000023Suppy of Covid-19 relief materials to households in Okaka community14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000022Suppy of Covid-19 relief materials to households in Okaka community14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000021Construction of 3 Class Room Block in Nembe14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000020Supply of Wooden Desks for School of Nursing Auditorium at Tombia, Yenagoa14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000019Distribution of 1000 classroom chairs in CPS 1in Nembe lga lga14-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-65376378389-000017Supply of 150 copies of dictionary to ST Judes girls secondary school, Amarata14-Jan-2021  2021  
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